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You are UNIQUE! This means YOU have special gifts to help change the world. Talk to your parents about ways in which you can recycle or conserve at home. Ask the wonderful folk at zoos and conservations close to you how you can get involved in all kinds of fun and educational activities. Get your friends and neighbours involved. Look up websites for zoos and wildlife conservations, and check out what’s going on around the world!


The mission of the JEACs is to inspire respect for, and stewardship of, the natural world, while providing a quality visitor experience.


We are an international group of Junior Environmentalists and Conservationists who long to save our planet from destruction. We will work towards this by:

- educating ourselves on the importance and necessity:
- of protecting all wildlife - especially endangered species - and the techniques used by conservation groups all over the world to reach this goal;

- of preventing our global environment from further damage, and finding out how we can participate in this endeavour;

- creating awareness of these issues among our peers and by sharing knowledge with them, encouraging more volunteers to join our group;

- becoming members of zoos, conservations and environmental groups in our region, actively participating in events organized by them and, through donations and fundraising efforts, contributing towards their work.


Amelia Lionheart has been writing for many years and is the published author of five books for children. She has a diploma in writing from the Institute of Children's Literature, Connecticut, USA.

Amelia, who has lived and worked in several countries, believes very strongly in the conservation of wildlife and, in particular, the protection of endangered species. She is convinced that awareness of this issue, when imbued in children atan early age, is a vital step towards saving our planet.

As a member of several nature/wildlife preservation organizations, including the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, she invites children and their families to become involved with local zoos and conservation centres and to support their important work, both by creating awareness and fundraising. To encourage this, she created a group called the 'Junior Environmentalists and Conservationists' (the JEACs) in the first book of her JEACs series, Peacock Feathers. In the other books, the JEACs travel to various countries, having adventures while enlarging their group and encouraging local children to start groups of JEACs in their own countries.

As of June 2014, Amelia has five groups of JEACs in Canada. The JEACs continue to evolve and are currently involved in fundraising for established organizations such as the Calgary Zoo, WWF Canada, the Whooping Crane Foundation, Calgary Rehabilitation Wildlife Centre, Humane Society, the Bird Sanctuary, the Fish Hatchery, and other local and international groups. Amelia's other interests include environmental issues, volunteer work and fundraising. She believes that if people from different countries explore the diversity of cultures and learn from one another, they will discover that they have more similarities than dissimilarities. Many of these ideas are included in her books.