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You are UNIQUE! This means YOU have special gifts to help change the world. Talk to your parents about ways in which you can recycle or conserve at home. Ask the wonderful folk at zoos and conservations close to you how you can get involved in all kinds of fun and educational activities. Get your friends and neighbours involved. Look up websites for zoos and wildlife conservations, and check out what’s going on around the world!

The JEACs – the Patel and Larkin children – Rohan, Amy, Nimal, Anu, Gina, Mich, and Hunter the dog – have been invited to Sri Lanka by the Vijaydasa’s, whom they met on their previous holiday in Australia. Lalith and Priyani Vijaydasa, friends of the Patel and Larkin parents, live on the Alighasa Wildlife Conservation, which focuses on elephants. The JEACs meet in India and, Rohan’s best friend, Umedh, is also invited to join them in Sri Lanka after his computer course.

Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, the JEACs enjoy meeting many members of the ‘Vijaydasa family clan’ – is it possible that everyone in Sri Lanka is related? They also learn that the elephants are being relocated to the NC (new conservation) because they tend to break out of the OC (current, old section) and destroy farmers’ crops – and, in return, the farmers get very angry and kill the elephants. Fortunately, the NC will have stronger barriers, and the sooner the elephants can be relocated, the better it will be.

The children also hear of several incidents of sabotage, which have resulted in delaying the completion of the wall for the NC. A character, whom they name Mr. CADD, appears to be involved, but there is no proof. However, it is clear to the staff of the Conservation, as well as to the JEACs, that somebody is attempting to delay the relocation of the elephants. The JEACs hope that they can assist in figuring out who the bad guys are, and how they can be stopped.

Uncle Leo drives the JEACs up to the Alighasa Conservation, which is a nine hour journey from the city of Colombo – it is a hilarious trip! Upon reaching Alighasa, they discover that the Vijaydasa’s have organized tents for them – what fun to camp out beside a waterhole. Mahesika, a Sri Lankan girl, befriends them the next morning and is eager to become a JEAC too. The others find that Mahesika is a very unusual girl, who appears to know the Conservation better than the staff – she is also very mysterious at times, which is puzzling to the others.

The Alighasa staff members have had neither the time nor the opportunity, to familiarize themselves with some of the denser sections in the OC, so the JEACs request permission to go exploring. This being granted, they have a super time, discovering some wonderful new campsites! They are also taken to the “Elephants’ Tub”, where they have tons of fun with the infant elephants, who are extremely boisterous.

A day or two later, another elephant is found dead with its’ tusks sawn off. The JEACs, assisted by Mahesika, are even more determined to discover the crooks and stop them – ASAP!

Read about the JEACs’ third adventure, and meet even more new members! Don’t forget that everybody has at least one talent! And, here’s a reminder that YOU are unique! Please use your talents and encourage your family and friends to develop their talents too!

You can also read, online, extracts from a few chapters..
An Elephant Never Forgets


Amelia Lionheart

Join the JEACs – the Patels: Rohan, Nimal, Anu, Gina and, of course, their dog Hunter; the Larkins: Amy and Mich; Umedh Ghosh, Rohan’s best friend; and Mahesika Jayatilleke, who is a Sri Lankan girl. The numbers are growing!


J – Junior
E – Environmentalists
A – And
C – Conservationists
in their third exciting adventure!