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You are UNIQUE! This means YOU have special gifts to help change the world. Talk to your parents about ways in which you can recycle or conserve at home. Ask the wonderful folk at zoos and conservations close to you how you can get involved in all kinds of fun and educational activities. Get your friends and neighbours involved. Look up websites for zoos and wildlife conservations, and check out what’s going on around the world!



Jun-ior Environ-menta-lists and Con-ser-vation-ists!

When we think about our world, all the animals and birds
Who are losing their homes day by day
If each person does their part, it will cheer up every heart
So let’s take a stand and act without delay!

We’ve decided we will strive to keep birds and beasts alive
And to make CONSER-VA-TION our theme
We will talk to all our friends, try to help them understand
That our world must come awake and not just dream!

All the creatures that we love, from the ele-phant to dove,
Must be cared for and well protected, too
So all humans, young and old, have to speak up and be bold
Or we’ll end up with an “only human” zoo!

Where environment’s concerned, in our studies we have learned
That composting at home can be a start
And recycling’s very good, each and every person should
Be aware of how we all can do our part.

To the JEACs we belong, and we hope it won’t be long
Till our peers and our friends all will say
They believe that con-ser-vation and environ-menta-lism
Is the only way to save our world today!

Will you come and join our band? Will you lend a helping hand?
Though it’s serious, it can be great fun!
Tell your friends about it all, let them join up, big and small
And our fight against destruction will be won!

Jun-ior Environ-menta-lists and Con-ser-vation-ists!!


In the Gold Coast, of Australia
There's a place you wanna be.
It is called a – Con-ser-vation
And has creatures from the Sea!

Sharks and whales with, seals and turtles
And of course there's Dolphin Bay,
Where the dolphins, come and greet you
And with them you'll want to play!

Come and see them, they're fantastic
And there's tons of things to do,
Rides and fun shows, education
Lots of eating places too.

Twenty second of December
Aquatic Fantasia and Dolphin Bay
Welcomes all you special people
To our fun filled Opening Day.

Come and join us, learn about them
Understand our passion too.
Con-ser-vation is important
Saves the world for me and you!


We’re going away, to a new country
We’re gonna meet with, some friends we know.
And we will play there, with baby Ali-yas
They’re cute and cuddly, we’ll love them so.

Rohan and Amy, Nimal and Anu,
Mich and old Hunter, and silly me.
Sri Lanka’s calling, us all to visit
We’ll be there shortly, just wait and see.

A trumpet sound, a roar or two
Watch out dear creatures
Nimal’s here, too!
You do not need to worry ‘cos
He’ll charm you every time.

So let’s be off, come on please hurry
The plane is waiting, for you and me.
We’re gonna have some, brand new adventures,
And we’re together, in harmony!
Yes, we’re all together
In har-mo-ny!


Listen to our song tonight, we know you will agree,
That our main concern is for the animals to be
Safe from harm and danger ’cause they need our loving care,
From the greatest aliya – down to the tiny hare.

Aliyas would break the fence and into danger run,
Many farmers hated them, they’d shoot them with a gun.
So the conservationists decided they should find
A safer living place for them and thus preserve their kind.

All of us are gathered here because we know it’s right
That we move the animals onto a better site.
We are grateful that the government has lent a hand
Gave us funds and their support and a great piece of land.

Then we started raising funds, to make our dream come true
Most of you have contributed and our money grew.
We have built a wall so strong no aliya can break,
And the rocky barriers a natural boundary make.

Our kind friends from Africa, they helped us relocate
Many of the creatures were moved through the northern gate.
Nimal led the aliyas (and only once he fell),
Mal-li and Mahesika, and all the teams did well.

This New Conservation will be ready in a while,
It has lots of trails and campsites that will make you smile.
And although we know there is a lot of work to do,
It will be a piece of cake with help from all of you!

Also in the OC we’ve discovered places new,
TOOJ and CH, GOMT and DA, just to name a few.
We are sure that when you visit you will need a map
Don’t delay, you’re missing out, so make it quite A-sap!

Alighasa Conservation is a jolly place
Anyone who visits it will have a happy face!
We would like to thank you for the work that you have done
Give yourselves a hearty cheer and now let’s have some fun!
Oh, give yourselves a hearty cheer and now-let’s-have-some-fun! fun! fun!


Oh, JEACs all (Oh, JEACs all)
Please sing with me (Please sing with me)
In Scotland fair (In Scotland fair)
And in this land we know we’ll meet
New animals – oh, what a treat!
We’ll greet them all with joy and glee.

Snow leopard cubs, small reindeer, too,
And badger babes – just to name a few.
We’ll play with all and feed them well,
They’ll fall right under Nimal’s spell,
It’s so much fun for me and you.

Bri-an we all will count on you
To tell us how to ride a ski-doo.
And when we can, we know we’ll be
The fastest team at KWCC
Let’s hurry up, there’s tons to do!

Hunter and Tumbler, what a pair,
They’ll join our games, in all they’ll share.
In ATVs they’ll ride with us
Whate’er we do, there’ll be no fuss,
There’s simply nothing they won’t dare.

New friends and old, luc-ky are we
We’ll have a blast, at KWCC.
The big event is drawing near,
We’ll dress up warm in winter gear
And join the games, yip, yip, YIPPEE!


Brian, Brian, watch him on the ski-ii-doo.
Brian, Brian, he can do what we-ee do.
Umedh is a super chap, fixed the ski-doo just like that,
And it’s easy for us all to see – see – see – tha-a-a-t . . .

Brian, Brian, won’t be left behind again.
Brian, Brian, racing over hill and plain,
And we’ll surely follow him, learning how to zoom and skim;
One day we may go as fast as he does – aaand;

Brian, Brian, we are thrilled for you-oo-oo,
Brian, Brian, now it’s time we flew-oo-oo
Gavan and your happy dad, will be oh, so very glad,
That they’re sure to join us as we sing – to you-oo.

Brian, Brian, you are really awfully cool.
Brian, Brian, what will boys say at your school?
It’s so grand that we have met, and we never will forget,
That we’re proud to have you as our friend – friend – friend – friend,


When we arrived at KWCC
We knew that there’d be tons to see,
But we were shocked to hear that
Snow leopards were killed for their bones and fur.

We were quite aggravated when
We heard about the killings, then
Brian told us what Eadan,
Cormag and he found, and we were appalled!

It made us really sore and mad.
We felt so very cross and sad.
And we knew that we had to
Discover who was the cause of this woe.

So we set out the crooks to catch.
For us JEACs they were no match,
And dar-ling Gràinne taught them
A lesson that they will never forget.

Snow leopards now are safe and sound
Our hearts with joy do now abound
So if you’d like to join us,
We’d be so happy, if all of you sing.

Thank you, to each and everyone
Come on, it’s time to have some fun,
We’ll have a jolly good time,
As we start singing and dancing around!