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You are UNIQUE! This means YOU have special gifts to help change the world. Talk to your parents about ways in which you can recycle or conserve at home. Ask the wonderful folk at zoos and conservations close to you how you can get involved in all kinds of fun and educational activities. Get your friends and neighbours involved. Look up websites for zoos and wildlife conservations, and check out what’s going on around the world!

The Patels - Rohan, Nimal, Anu and Gina - and their dog Hunter - have been invited to Brisbane, Australia, by Jack Larkin, a friend of their parents. Jack wants them to help in gearing up towards the Opening Day (OD) of his new Conservation for sea creatures - "Aquatic Fantasia & Dolphin Bay" - and also to learn about dolphins in particular.

On the flight from Singapore to Brisbane, Rohan and Anu overhear a conversation between two men, which leads them to think that there might be people who want to prevent the Conservation from opening. The Patels pass on this information to Jack.

Jack’s nieces, Amy and Mich Larkin, who live on a Conservation in Canada, have also been invited to holiday with Jack, and the six children get along like a house on fire. The Canadian girls enthusiastically join the “JEACs”. The JEACs go on various site-seeing tours - fun - and not so fun when Amy is accosted by Don, a nasty teen - and she loses her temper.

When ‘work’ begins, the JEACs are overjoyed at being requested to share their various talents in making the OD a success. What a wonderful way to spend a holiday! Snappy dialogue and waterskiing for Rohan and Amy; lots of writing for Anu; Nimal, Gina and Mich are included in the dolphin show, and Nimal also acts in the play for the seals. Gina writes a song inviting children to the OD while Mich draws the cartoons for it - and guess what? All of them will be on TV - singing Gina’s song! There are also many other things they can help with - and naturally - they fall madly in love with the dolphins.

In the meantime, John Ingram who owns ‘Wilderness Adventures’ where people can go and shoot animals, and is one of the men whom the children overheard on the plane, shows his hand. He wants to participate in a panel discussion (part of an open-air campaign planned by Jack’s team to create awareness of the new Conservation), so that he can air his views in public. Jack agrees and Rohan is chosen as one of the panel - to represent the young folk. John's son is also on the panel - and turns out to be the same Don who accosted Amy.

Read the story of the JEACs second adventure! Meet the new members! Remember, everybody has at least one talent! Just think how wonderful it would be when each of us discovers our special talent and shares it with others!

You can also read, on line, excerpts from a few chapters.
The Dolphin Heptad


Amelia Lionheart

Join the JEACs – The Patels: Rohan, Nimal, Anu and Gina and, of course, their dog Hunter and, the Larkins: Amy and Mich!

J – Junior
E – Environmentalists
A – And
C – Conservationists
in their second exciting adventure!